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 1938 Buick Related Items

1937 and 1938 Parts Manual (Submitted by CJ)

1937 and 1938 Motors Manual, from the (Submitted by CJ)

United Motors Service - Auto Radio Bulletin (Submitted by CJ)

1937 Tool Kit Photo Data (Submitted by CJ)

1937-1938 Factory Approved Accessories (Submitted by CJ)

1937-1938 Paint Colors (Submitted by CJ)

1937-1939 Upholstery (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Accessories, Color Options (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Buick Article (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Buick Dimensions - all models (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Buick Facts - Salesman's Book (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Buick Features (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Buick Technical Specs (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Delco-Remy Electrical Data (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Engine Mount Data (Submitted by CJ) 

1938 Literature (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Prices Std Equipment (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Prices Upholstery Options (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Service Tune Up Data (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Technical Tips (Submitted by CJ)

1938 Tune Up Info (Submitted by CJ)

AMA Specs. 1938 (Submitted by CJ)

Buick information (Submitted by Jon Kanas)

Buick Repair Data - Motors Manual (Submitted by CJ)

Buick Tech. Data (Submitted by CJ)

Check Chart 1938 40 60 Lube (Submitted by CJ)

Front Wheel Alignment (Submitted by CJ)

Inspection Sheet - came with owner's manual (Submitted by CJ)

Kendal General Lube Data (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Air Cleaner Service (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Gear Lubricant Service (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Hypoid Gear Data (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Lube Chart 1937 38 All Series (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Lube Chart for 1938 Series 40 60 (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Lube Manual Data (Submitted by CJ) 

Kendall Spring Data (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Steering Gear Lube (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Transmission Lube (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Universal Joint Data (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Water Pump Data (Submitted by CJ)

Kendall Wheel Bearing Lube (Submitted by CJ)

Listing of Serial & Engine No's (Submitted by CJ)

Motors Manual, from the (Submitted by CJ)

Prestone Anti-Freeze (Submitted by CJ)

Prestone Anti-Freeze Guide (Submitted by CJ)

Stromberg AAV-2 Carburetor (Submitted by CJ)

Thompson's Manual (Submitted by CJ)

Torque Wrench Readings (Submitted by CJ)

United Motors Delco Auto Radio Sales and Service Manual - No 6 (Submitted by CJ)

United Motors Service - Auto Radio Bulletin (Submitted by CJ)

Vlchek Tools For Buicks (Submitted by CJ)