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1938 Buick Articles

1938 Century of Greatness (Submitted by Harry Logan)

A story about my 1938 Special sedan that appeared in a movie with
Robert Wagner and Faye Dunaway. I gave 'RJ' a driving lesson and
worked with him throughout the day to shoot several scenes. The movie
started out titled: 'The Calling' , but was later renamed 'Man of
Faith' and is available on DVD if anyone is interested. (Jeff Morris, #104, Columbus Ohio)

The Filming of "Man of Faith" (Submitted by Jeff Morris)

1938 Buick Paint Chip Chart (Submitted by Harry Logan)
1938 Paint Chips (Submitted by Brian DePouli)
(Please note; Computers monitors/displays/printing can distort color so the chips should not be used for exact matching purposes and are for informational uses only.)

1938 Sales Brochure (Submitted by Brian DePouli)

1938 Buick Brochure 2nd Edition (Submitted by Bill VanNostrand)