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Index to 1937 - 1938 Buick Articles By Author - Edition 07/06/2008

For the location of the following articles and more please refer to the index file. (The index is not currently completed, but it is in progress and is being continually updated.)


Technical Tips and Questions - Estimated Cars in Use by Make and Year of Manufacture (as of October 31, 1938) By Brennan, Paul

Technical Tips and Questions - Paint Combination Chart By Widlacki, Steve

Technical Tips and Questions - Trim Combination Chart By Widlacki, Steve

The Home Made Body Cradle By Busby, Joe

"Hood Lace" Installation 37/38 Buicks By Unknown

1937 & 1938 Buick Heaters By Logan, Harry

1937 & 1938 Series 40 Transmission Gears By McCoy, Gene

1937 / 1938 Color Matches By Logan, Harry

1937 40/60 Series Fuel Tank Replacement By Bowles, Joe

1937 Buick Accessories By Logan, Harry

1937 Buick Electrical Equipment By Unknown

1937 Buick Hood Alignment Motor Age Magazine, November, 1937

1937 Buick Interior Color Information By Matley, Lauren

1937 Buick Interior Color Information… By Mattley, Luren

1937 Buick Model "Series 40" Stromberg "AA-1" Carburetor By Unknown

1937 Buick Question & Answer MotorAge Magazine, March 1942

1937 Buick Vacuum Stater Switches By Logan, Harry

1937 Buick Vacuum Stater Switches Part II By Logan, Harry

1937 Century Driveline Modification  ByPipkin, Bob

1937 Hood Louver Emblems By Logan, Harry

1937 Hood Louver Nameplates By Logan, Harry

1937 Production Change - Door Handles By Unknown

1937 Tool Kit By Unknown

1937-1938 Buick Specifications MoToR's Auto Repair Manual - 1943 Edition

1937-1938 Convertible Sun Visors By Dahl, Carl

1937-1938 Reproduction Parts Underway or Pending --- 1937-1938 Convertible Coupe Rear Window Frame - 1937-1938 Convertible Sedan Rear Window Parts - Interior Colors - 1937 Hood Side Panel Name Plates - 1937-1938 Convertible Top Latches and Header Hooks By Matley, Lauren

1937-1938 Rumble Seat Bumpers By Logan, Harry

1937-1938 Trunk Storage Well Cover Plate By Mahle, Samuel

1937-1938 Voltage Regulator By Logan, Harry

1938 - Buick Chassis Lubrication - All Series - 1938 By Unknown

1938 Buick Coat of Arms By Logan, Harry

1938 Buick Deluxe Grill Guard By Logan, Harry

1938 Buick Electrical Equipment  By James, Bob

1938 Buick Series 40, 60, 80, 90 Specifications By Unknown

1938 Buick Trunk Medallion Gasket? By Logan, Harry

1938 Buick Turn Signal Installation Moorman, Pat

1938 Bumper Badge & Grille Guard Project Whiting, Mick

1938 Century Phaeton Rear Window (the discussion continues) By Logan, Harry

1938 Convertible Coupe & Sedan Factory Photos By Logan, Harry

1938 Glovebox & Radio Medallions By Bylsma, David

1938 Grille Fasteners By Logan, Harry

1938 Rear Center 'Folding' Bumper Guard By Logan, Harry

1938 Rear License Plate Holder & Lamp By Logan, Harry

1938 Rear Shocks By Lohstroh, Carl and Jensen, Brian

1938 Series 80 Dash & Moldings By Unknown

1938 Trunk Badges By Logan, Harry

1938 Vacuum Starting Switch United Motors Service Bulletin, 3-29-38

1939 Buick Heater/Defroster By Logan, Harry

'37 Frames Stronger than in '36 By Logan, Harry

37/38 Buick Wiper Blades By Brennan, Paul

37/38 Radiator Hoses By Logan, Harry

37-38 Buick Wiper Chain Repair By Unknown

'38 Buick Preventative Maintenance By Patterson, Hugh

'38 Buick Rear Shocks By Logan, Harry

'38 Buick Series 40 and 60 Wiring Diagram By Unknown

'38 Gas Filler Door & Tail Light Lens By Unknown

'38 Rear Shock Absorber Clips By DeLucchi, Paul

A Distributor Primer By Olson, William

A Hard to Find Molding Clip By Lewis, Ben

A Little More on Oil Pumps By Patterson, Hugh

A Non-Technical Tip By Unknown

A Very Handy Tool By Logan, Harry

Adding a Modern Oil Filters By Bylsma, David

Add-on Taillights By Bosk, Karl

Adjusting '37-'38 Automatic Chokes By Lewis, Dave

Adjusting The Starter Solenoid Relay By Logan, Harry

Aftermarket Fog Lights By Logan, Harry

An Up-Date on Buick Tools  By Field, Greg

an You Help? Windshield Washers By Unknown

Another Wrinkle Finish Paint By Bohn, Ed

Anti-Freeze & What You Need to Know! By Torque Tube Staff

Ash Trys Aligning & Adjusting for 1938 all series By Unknown

Attention: "1937 & 38 Buick Convertible Coupe Owners" By Steed, John

Auxiliary Fans - Six-Blade Fans - Wiring Harnesses - Electronic Voltage Regulator By Unknown

Auxiliary Pump Installation By Clark, Paul

Back-Flushing Your Radiator & Block By Logan, Harry

Battery Cables By Unknown

Before Putting Things Back On… By Rossiter, Bill

Belt Molding Clips By Logan, Harry

Bent Wheels By Unknown

Body Cradles By Matley, Lauren

Brake Hoses By Unknown

Brake Lining on Secondary Shoes - 1936 and 1937 All Series By Unknown

Brake Parts ~ From Volume I (1982) By Brennan, Paul

Brake Problems and Possible Causes By Logan, Harry

Brakes on 1937 and 1938 Buicks 40 and 60 series using stock parts By Pipkin, Bob

Brakes: 1937 Series 80 By Unknown

Broken Distributors By Unknown

Buick Bolt Correction By Logan, Harry

Buick Bolts By Logan, Harry

Buick Bumper Jacks By Logan, Harry

Buick Carburetors By Weatherly, Al

Buick Carburetors By Hargrove, Jon

Buick Eight 1937 Series 40 Serial No. 2999497 and up By Unknown

Buick Eight 1937 Series 40 Serial No. 2999497 and up By Unknown

Buick Eight 1937 Series 60, 80 and 90 Serial No. 2999497 and up By Unknown

Buick Eight 1937 Series 60, 80 and 90 Serial No. 2999497 and up By Unknown

Buick Eight 1938 Series 40 By Unknown

Buick Eight 1938 Series 60 By Unknown

Buick Eight 1938 Series 80 and 90 By Unknown

Buick Fender Skirts By Logan, Harry

Buick Fuel Pumps By Logan, Harry

Buick Radiators By James, Bob

Buick Replacement Engines By Logan, Harry

Buick Series 40 & 60, 80, 90 Flywheel Ring Gears By McCoy, Gene

Buick Service Tools By Logan, Harry

Buick Steering Wheel Plastic By Logan, Harry  Buick Thermostats By Logan, Harry

Buick's Switch to Two Stud Valve Covers By Logan, Harry

Buying A New Clutch Plate By Logan, Harry

CAM and Rod Bearings - Exhaust Manifold Center Section - Postscript: Running Board Fix By Unknown

Car Pulls When Brakes are Applied Motor Age, November 1937

Car Won't Start… Floods Easily By Unknown

Carburetor Rebuilds By Unknown

Cavitation Cure By Macdiarmid, Paul

Changing the Rear End of a 1938 Special By Logan, Harry

Check Those Radiator & Heater Hoses By Unknown

Checking The Spark Advance Unit Motor Magazine, September 1937

Cleaning Buick Plastic By Allen, Craig

Cleaning Knobs By Jordan, Mark

Clock Crystal Breaking By Unknown

Clutch Chatter   How to Silence it By Pipkin, Bob

Clutch Chatter Eliminated By Logan, Harry

Clutch Disk Replacement By Bylsma, David

Clutch Fork Boot By Logan, Harry

Clutch Throw-Out Bearing By Logan, Harry

Commonly Overlooked Grease Fittings By Logan, Harry

Compare Compression Readings By Unknown

Contact Cement, Die Cast or "Pot Metal" Parts By Unknown

Convertible Coupe Cracked Door Panel Fisher Body Service and Maintenance Manual

Convertible Door Alignment By Bylsma, David

Convertible Rubber Pads By Logan, Harry

Convertible Top Rear Window By Unknown

Converting to Sealbeams and leaving a Stock Appearance is Easy… By Hultman, James

Converting your 4 or 5 Post Voltage Regulator to a 3 Post By Unknown

Cooling Systems Modernized By Haggland, Jimmy

Correction to Last Issue By Unknown

Corvair/Sidemount Tire Locks By Jekofsky, Charles

Coupe Rubber Trunk Mat By Logan, Harry

Crankcase Ventilation - Air Conditioning for the Engine Buick Magazine, July 1937

Cylinder Head Oil Screen By Logan, Harry

Dancing Tappets Made Easier Popular Science Magazine, 1940

Dealer Service Bulletin - Axle Shaft End Play, All Models By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Carburetor Chokes for Service, 1937-1938 All Series By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Carburetor Stromberg - Missing at Various Speeds - Also Altitude Calbrations - 1938 All Series By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Carburetor Throttle Shaft Sticks, Engine Hot - 1937 All Series Stromberg - 1937 - 40 MarvelCD-1B By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Carburetor to Choke Gasket - 1938 All Series By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Convertible Coupe Roof Covering - 1937 By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Convertible Coupes & Phaetons. Wind. Water. And Gas Fume Leaks - 1938 By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Crankcase Protection for Dusty Territories 1937-1938, All Series By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Defroster #980576. Installation with 1937 Deluxe Heater By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Oil Pump Float Screen Assembly 1938 All Series By Unknown

Dealer Service Bulletin - Speedometer Gears 1938-60, 80, 90 By Unknown

Delco N.O.S. Voltage Regulator By Unknown

Diecast Trim Parts By Unknown

Differential Bearings (Hyatt) 1937 and Past Models By Unknown

Dipstick Measurement Correction By Logan, Harry

Distributor Breaker Plate Repair By Weiss, A. A. ("Tony")

Do You Have The Correct Dip Stick? By Logan, Harry

Don't Throw Away that Temperature Gauge Hoffman, Saul  Door Bumpers By Logan, Harry

Electric Windshield Wiper Motors By Logan, Harry

Eliminating Clutch Chatter By Mueller, Harold

Engine Breather Modification By Wilson, Rick

Engine Hard to Start? By Olson, Bill

Engine Rebuild Postscript: Piston-Cylinder Clearance By Logan, Harry

Engine Upgrade By Pipkin, Bob

Even more about rear brake hoses for large series cars… By Depouli, Ed

Factory Up-Dates 1937 Buick 1937 Submitted by Gumm, Richard

Faded 1938 Instrument Color By Logan, Harry

Fasteners By Unknown

Fender Light Lenses Torque Tube, The; April 1989

Fender Light Structural Integrity - An Approach for Preservation By Kanas, Jon

Firewall Data Plates By Logan, Harry

Fixing 1938 Hood Rattle By Unknown

Fixing a Broken Horn Ring By Jordan, Mark

Fixing a Broken Temperature Gauge By Logan, Harry

Fixing the Glove Box Door Light Switch By Vincens, Danny

Fixing Weak Seat Springs By Jordan, Mark

Fixing Your Broken Door Stops By Logan, Harry

Fixing your gas tank sending unit By Bylsma, David

Freeing Manifold Heater Valves Motor Magazine, 1937

Front and Rear Stabilizers By Logan, Harry

Fuel Pump Information By Logan, Harry

Gas Gauge Terminals By Logan, Harry

Gas Tank Sending Units By Logan, Harry

Gaskets By Unknown

Gasoline - Using Polyurethane Enamels - Mystery Item - Rocker Arm Shafts - Notes on Paint By Unknown

Get More Out of Your '37-'38 Buick Radio! By Jensen, Brian

Gimme A Brake By Jekofsky, Charles

Give 'em a Break! By Unknown

Give Yourself a Hand in the Simple way of Checking your Thermostat By Logan, Harry

Glass By Unknown

GM Driving and Fog Lamps By Logan, Harry

Good Valves Give Engine Extra Punch By Unknown

Hard to Start? (Continued) By Unknown

Harrison & Bridgeport Thermostats Motor Block Insert Types By Unknown

Headlamp Lenses By DeLucchi, Paul

Help! Help! By Dertinger, Joe

Help! Help! Members Technical Questions By Unknown

Here's the Best I've Found in New Side View Mirrors By Logan, Harry

Home-Made Body-Work Frame By Unknown

Hood Lace (Continued) By Unknown

Hood Rest Repair Tip for 1937 Buicks By Jones, Dick

Hood Rubber Bumpers By Logan, Harry

How Binguick Attached Front Fender Welt By Logan, Harry

How I Fixed A Leaking Steering Gear Box By Ward, Bob

How I improved My Car's Steering By Vellekoop, Ron

How I solved My Overheating Problem By Hilliard, Geoff

How I Solved My Vibration Problem By Bylsma, David

How to Install Trippe Lights By Jekofsky, Charles

How to Read Your Buick's Firewall ID TAG By Logan, Harry

Hypoid Gears By Logan, Harry

Hypoid Lubricant - Effect on Copper Thrust Washers By Brennan, Paul

I. Gas Tank Sealers, II. Silicone Brake Fluid, Editor's comment on Problem Products, Modern Brake Parts, Cooling Systems - III, By  Schmidt, Roy W.

Ignition Lock Removal By Logan, Harry

Ignition Parts By Unknown

Index to back issues By Lewis, Dave

Installing Jump Seats By Stickl, Christian

Installing New Running Board Moldings By Jordan, Mark

Installing Radiator Hose Motor Age Magazine, August 1941

Installing Seat Belts By Logan, Harry

Installing the Drive Shaft Motor Age Magazine, 1940

Installing Turn Signals By Logan, Harry

Intake Manifold Drain By Mahle, Samuel

Intermittent Ignition Switch By Logan, Harry

Is It Time for Repairing Your Buick's Clock? By Busby, Joe

Jacks - Factory Replacement Engines - Engine Rebuilding: How to Screw Up - By Unknown

Keep Your Hood Latched! By Malloy, Bill

Keys for the Gray Ghost By Young, John R.

King Pin Lubrication By Anderson, Karl

King Pins By Hultman, James

Leaking Steering Gear Box By Ahrin, Mats

Lessons Learned Restoring My '37 Special By Bosk, Karl

License Plate Restoration - Car Wax Recommendation - Stainless Trim Restoration By Unknown

Lighting Up Your Dashboard By Jordan, Mark and Stokes, John

Lock Roll or Wire Radiator Hose Clamps By Logan, Harry

Longer Legs for 1937 Buick Specials By Bates, Hank

Lower Radiator Hose 37/38 Series 40 By Lewis, Dave

Lynn Steele Trunk Weatherstrip By Vincens, Danny

Make Your Own Value and Side Cover Gaskets By Freda, Frank

Making a Good Manifold to Tailpipe Seal By Logan, Harry

Making the License Lamp part of the Brake Light System By Moyer, Pat

Making Timing Easier By Logan, Harry

Master Cylinder Modification - Knee-Actions Shocks By Unknown

Master Disconnect Switch By Logan, Harry

Mercury Switch for Light in Glove box By Huff, Don

Missing Front Frame Bracket By Logan, Harry

Modern Brake Parts - II By Unknown

Modern Replacement for '38 Rear Shocks By Krake, Tom

More from Dealer Service Bulletin - Brake Cable (Rear) Binding, 1938 All Series By Unknown

More from Dealer Service Bulletins - Body Parts - Radiator Ornament Attaching - 1938 All Series - Trunk Lid Supports, 1938 By Unknown

More on Rear End Ratios - Speedometer Drive - Some Fine New Products By Unknown

More on the Sedan vs. Convertible Instrument Panel Question By Greer, Lee

New Parts for Your Brake System By McCoy, Gene

New Parts for Your Brake System By McCoy, Gene

New Tires Need New Tubes Motor Age Magazine, August 1941

Noise From Under Your Car By Logan, Harry

Noisy Rocker Arms By Mahle, Sam

Non-Interchangeable Canadian and US Parts By Unknown

Odd Causes for poor Idle By Unknown

Oils and Filters By Unknown

Open Car Windshield Molding Cover By Logan, Harry

Original Buick Glass By Logan, Harry

Original Buick Radiator Part Numbers By Unknown

Original Sedan Trunk By Logan, Harry

Over Heating? The Reasons. Torque Tube Staff

Overdrive Basics By Logan, Harry  Paint By Croll, Doug

Paint - More on Paint: Wheel Colors - Deck Lid Support Arms - '37 40C By Unknown

Paint Sample By Logan, Harry

Paint Saving 1937 Hood Prop By Logan, Harry

Painting Hubcaps Revisited By Blake, Jim

Painting Over Factory Leaded Seams By Matley, Lauren

Painting Your 1938 Grill By Glazier, Gary

Palnuts - Instructions for Tightening - 1937 - 1938 By Unknown

Parking Brake - 1938 By Unknown

Parts Interchange By Pipkin, Bob

Parts Often Missing on Our Buicks By Yonce, Wayne

Pin replacement on 37/38 series spindles By Waggoner, Don

Piston-Cylinder Clearence By Pipkin, Bob

'Plugging" Up an Overheating Mystery By Bylsma,David

Polarizing A Generator - How and Why By Thomas, Paul

Preventing Vapor Lock By Helfrich, Leonard

Questions & Answers By Unknown

Quick Fix For A Dirty Carburetor By Unknown

Quick Fix For that Vexing "Buick Bell" By Waggoner, Dug

Radiator Bypass Valve By Glazier, Gary

Radiator Fans By Glazier, Gary

Radiator Overflow Tank Coolant Recovery System By Logan, Harry

Rare Windshield Washer By Oellers, Dick

Rear End Swap Jacobs, Pat  Rear Window Sunshade By Oellers, Dick

Rebuilding '38 Rear Shocks By Micheletti, Don

Re-Chroming Bumpers By Schmidt, Ken

Re-Chroming Windshield Wiper Transmissions Part II By Micheletti, Don

Rejuvenating the '37 Buick Instrument Cluster By Mahle, Samuel

Removing 1937 Hubcaps By Baton, Jerry

Removing Cylinder Heads: A Creation of the Brain - Woodgraining; Dash and Molding Treatments - Generators & Regulators - A Minicourse By McCoy, Gene

Removing Hubcaps By Unknown

Repainting Hubcaps By Wheeler, Ted

Repairing Arm Rests By Bushaw, Bob

Repairing Hub Cap Retainer Springs By Morlong, Ritch

Repairing Running Boards By Vincens, Danny

Repairing The Rear View Mirror By Logan, Harry

Repairing The Stainless Molding Between the Grills 37/38 Buicks By McMichael, Al

Repairing Trunk & Door Handles By Unknown

Replacement for the Rear Brake Hose By Unknown

Replacement Manifold Studs By Lewis, Dave

Replacing a Foggy & Worn Out Rear View Mirror By Logan, Harry

Replacing The Cowl Ventilator Seal By Jacobs, Pat

Replacing Your Thermo Circuit Breaker With a Fuse By Logan, Harry

Repro Coupe and Sedan Tailpans By Marshall, Greg

Reproduction Grilles - Caution By Unknown

Reproduction Running Board Cores By Pardo, Jose

Restore Reflective Surfaces By Logan, Harry

Restoring 1937 80 & 90 Series Dashboards By Logan, Harry

Restoring 1938 Buick Hubcaps By Manle, Lawrence

Restoring Data Plates By Logan, Harry

Restoring Headlight Reflectors By Unknown

Restoring The 1937 Instrument Panel By Logan, Harry

Restoring Weathered and Checkered Running Boards By Wallace, Jim

Restoring Your Headlights By Logan, Harry

Reverse Those Sagging Handles Popular Science Magazine, 1940

Reversing Things to Fix a Flywheel Ring Gear By Logan, Harry

Rocker Arm Oil Filter for 1937 Buicks By Logan, Harry

Rumble Seat Drains By Anderson, Karl

Rumble Seat Floor Mats By Anderson, Karl

Running Board Gravel Defectors By Logan, Harry

Running Board Repair Tip By Waggoner, Dug

Running Board Restoration By Unknown

Running Out of Gas (My Car, Not me!) By Micheletti, Don

Safely Removing Hubcaps By Unknown

Searching for Super-Rays By Preslan, Clint

Seat Belt Installation on a Convertible By Yonce, Wayne

Series 40/60 Steering Gear Adjustment Motor Age Magzzine

Service Recommendations 10,000 Mile By Unknown

Servicing Buick Transmissions By Toboldt, Bill

Shedding Light on Corot Beige By Sutton, Herb

Shooting Auto Starter Troubles By Unknown

Shop Manuals By Unknown

Sidemount Cover Rubber Bumpers By Logan, Harry

Sidemount Hardware By Unknown

Sidemount Locks By Logan, Harry

Sidemount Locks Continued By Maier, John

Sidemount Locks Continued By Logan, Harry

Silicone and Gasoline Don't Mix - More on Gasoline - Removing Bumpers - Fuel Tank Cork Float - Penetrating Oil - Spark Wires By Unknown

Silicone Brake Fluid By Unknown

Simple Cure for Sagging Handles and the ever popular bouncing Screwdriver Popular Science Magazine, 1940

Spark Plug Wire Guides By Logan, Harry

Spark Plugs AC Blue Top By Brennan, Paul

Special Rubber Gearshift Boots By Logan, Harry

Stainless Steel Thermostat By Matley, Lauen

Starter Problems By Logan, Harry

Starter Switches - Strange Noises - Useful Information By Unknown

Step Plates By Logan, Harry

Sticking Carburetor Throttle Shaft By Unknown

Sticking Clutch By Micheletti, Don

Stromberg "AAV" Carburetor By Unknown

Stuck Cold Idle Control By Logan, Harry

Substitute Running Boards By Wildt, Lou

Sun Visors By Mortgomery, Ray

Technical Story (about Pin Striping) By Kindberg, Al

Telltale Signs By Logan, Harry

Temperature Sending Units By Unknown

Testing Antique Cars By Logan, Harry

Testing Your Speedometer By Logan, Harry

The Correct Convertible Windows By Logan, Harry

The Difference Between '37 & '38 Starters By Logan, Harry

The Mystery Crack By Jordan, Mark

The Thermostat Housing & By-Pass Valve By Logan, Harry

The Two Most Overlooked Lubrication Points By Logan, Harry

The Why of Vapor Lock By Unknown

The Wonderful World of Vacuum Testing By Unknown

These Trunk Handles Look Like Twins. But Are They? By Logan, Harry

Timing Chain Cover Seals By Logan, Harry

Timing Hole Covers By Logan, Harry T

Tires By Unknown

Torque Tube Overdrive By Weiss, Tony

Transmission Cross Member Adjustment New Zealand Buick Enthusiasts Magazine

Transmission Problems By Bylsma, David

Transmission Slips Out of Gear By Ward, Bob

Trippe Light Relay By Sweeny, Patrick

Trunk Back Sedan Hinges By Logan, Harry

Trunk Board Patterns…Actual Size Prints to Cut for Patterns… By Glass, H. J.

Trunk Handles By Unknown  Trunk Interiors By Unknown

Trunk Tool Compartment "Cover" By Logan, Harry

Tune-up Your Headlights Pre-1940 Cars By Unknown

Up Grading Buick Engines By Lewis, Dave

Update on 1937 80 & 90 Series Dashboards By Logan, Harry

Update Your Engine with no Outward Modification By Unknown

Upgrading 1937 and 1938 40 and 60 Series Brakes By Pipkin, Bob

Upgrading my 1937 Limited to 3.4:1 Gears By Corliss, Jack

Upgrading my '38 Century By Don, Cecil

Upgrading Your Engine By Unknown

Useful Info!   Engine Upgrade Cautions By Trueax, Bob

Using 1940's Generators on 1937 & 1938 Buicks By Logan, Harry

Using A Filter to Keep Your Radiator Clean By Logan, Harry

Using Newer Pistons By Bylsma,David

Vacuum Switch Timing for 1938 Models By Unknown

Valve Cover Restoration By Clup, Jr, Paul B.

Warning By Unknown

Watch out for trunk wire shorts By Logan, Harry

What Kind of Brake Fluid is it? By Logan, Harry

Wheel Cylinders By Unknown

Wheel Pinstripes By Patterson, Hugh W.

Wheel Striping & Paint Color Combinations By Olson, Bill

Why do Old Cars Overheat: My Opinion By Micheletti, Don

Why Do the Wheels Turn With the Car in Neutral? By Paulisin, David

Windshield Washers By Ocellers, Richard

Windshield Wiper Chain Repair By Logan, Harry

Windshield Wiper Numbers By Graves, Bob

Windshield Wiper Trouble? By Lewis, Dave

Words of Wisdom Q & A with Gasoline Alley's Owner Ray By Menefee Torque Tube Staff

Working on the 1937 Buick Steering Linkage By Lewis, Dave

Wrinkle Finish Paint By Unknown

Technical Updates…. Buick, Series 40, 60, 80, 90, 1938 Submitted by Gumm, Richard

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